Turn your zen to eleven!

Are the benefits of meditation clear but you would like to see more progress? 

ZenMetrics helps you to see your meditation progression and emerging benefits.

Would you like to make meditation a stronger, more established habit?

ZenMetrics lets you reflect, understand and help you commit to a systematic practise.

Let us help you on your path.


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How Does ZenMetrics Help Me?

Change in your brains requires time and diligent practice. Without reflection it’s easy to fail to see promising changes in your mind and lose interest. Zen Metrics makes emerging change visible and inspiring.

ZenMetrics offers you a training diary. Quickly reflect each session. Take notes of distractions, find what works and where to put more focus on.

As soon as in 2 weeks, you will start to see patterns emerge

You will see your meditation data visualised in many useful ways. We offer easy to read metrics and visualize your progression on your journey towards more joyful life.

What does it look like?

Record and reflect each session

Adding a meditation entry with reflection
Meditation journal

After a few weeks interesting patterns start to emerge

Meditations per weekday

What Does It Cost?

We are currently in beta so using ZenMetrics is free for now

We greatly value your input on how to develop the application further to meet your needs.

In the future we may start charging monthly or annual fee.